Brazilian Butt Lift

Many people are unhappy with the way their body looks, wishing certain features could be different: their face, breasts, skin, tummy, thighs, nose, and especially their butt. Maybe you share some of these same feelings .

Brazilian Butt Lift - NYC & Westchester Plastic Surgery

But there is good news! There is something you can do to improve the shape, tone and position of your butt. It’s the Brazilian Butt Lift and for both men and women, it’s the answer they were looking for in order to feel younger, sexier and more attractive.

A Brazilian Butt Lift could be an excellent option for you too!

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Thanks to the growing influence of Latin America where more emphasis is placed on the hips and buttocks, cosmetic surgeons all over the world are now offering this procedure to their patients, particularly here in America. More and more, a firm, full, shapely butt has become one of the most highly valued and most noticed physical features.

How does a Brazilian Butt Lift work? Using liposuction, a plastic surgeon takes pockets of excess fat from unwanted areas such as your belly, waist or thighs and transfers this fat to the buttocks area, increasing the size, shape, position and fullness of your butt.

The best part is that you get two benefits from this procedure: it slims and trims those areas where you have too much fat and gives you a higher, fuller, firmer butt. Plus, since a Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat, there is very little risk of rejection.

How a Brazilian Butt Lift can change your life

Whether it’s from pregnancy, genetics, aging, weight gain or weight loss, we all experience changes in our bodies as the years go by. A Brazilian Butt Lift is an excellent, natural-looking way to reverse the negative effects of time on your body so you can feel younger, sexier and more self-confident.

For so many of my patients, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a wonderful turning point in their lives, boosting their self-esteem and enabling them to have a positive body image, sometimes for the first time.

How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

Because every person’s body is unique and the results they are seeking from butt augmentation surgery are specific to them, the exact cost of surgery is determined by Dr. Beran after he has met with you and together, you have decided whether this procedure will achieve the best possible results for you.

Why choose Dr. Beran for your procedure?

With years of specialized surgical experience, Dr. Samuel Beran has performed hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lifts with outstanding results. One of the most acclaimed plastic surgeons in the New York area, Dr. Beran offers the latest butt lift techniques performed in the safety of his fully-accredited surgical facility with state-of-the-art equipment, using the same caliber of patient monitoring devices found in top medical center operating facilities.

If you are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift and would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact Dr. Beran. He will send you additional information prior to your appointment. Then together, you and he will determine the best way to achieve the beautiful results you desire.