Breast Surgery – What procedure is right for me?

Women who visit my New York plastic surgery practice to learn about their options in breast surgery often have the same question: Do I need a lift or augmentation? The answer to this depends on various factors – breast shape, size, nipple alignment, and overall body shape and size. If a patient has small breasts with minimal or no sagging, breast augmentation may be the best option for her. When there is excess sagging and loss of volume, a breast lift may be a better choice. However, there are some circumstances that would be ideal for a lift with augmentation.

In addition to breast enlargement and lift, patients may inquire about reduction, reconstruction, and implant revision. If you have large, pendulous breasts that causes neck, shoulder, and/or back pain, a breast reduction may alleviate these symptoms and provide a more balanced contour. Breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy (breast removal) may be interested in a reconstructive procedure. Also, if you have had a primary breast enhancement procedure and were left with unsatisfactory results or experienced complications, revision surgery may be of great benefit.

In order to determine which of these procedures is right for you, it is best to schedule an appointment at my practice. We can discuss your options, ideal outcome, and most appropriate procedure to meet your needs.