Choosing the right type of breast implant – saline vs silicone gel

Special_BreastAugHow do you choose the right breast implant for your body? Well, the answer really depends upon your goals and the tradeoffs you wish to make. Dr. Beran will sit with you during your consultation and help you make the choice that is best for you. There is not one right choice for every woman.

Silicone implants generally feel more “natural” than silicone implants and have less chance of “rippling”. Saline implants are much less expensive. There are some other differences between the two types of implants and we have included a quick overview to aid in your decision:

Silicone Breast Implants:

• All the silicone implants Dr. Beran uses are made in America and are FDA approved
• The implant is filled with a cohesive gel, not a liquid.
• The gel has a consistency that resembles the natural feel and resistance to pressure of breast tissue
• The implants are filled at the factory. The implants are available in a huge selection of shapes and sizes.
• The implants are available in four projections: Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile and Ultra High Profile to allow the doctor to give you just the look you want.
• Our MemoryGel® Breast Implants are covered by the Mentor Premier Advantage Warranty.

Saline Filled Breast Implants:

• All the saline implants Dr. Beran uses are made in America and are FDA approved.
• These implants are filled with a saltwater solution directly from an IV bag. The solution is identical to that used in your IV during your surgery.
• Saline implants have a slightly firmer feel than gel-filled implants and don’t mimic breast tissue as well.
• Saline implants are more likely to show ripples.
• The ultimate volume of the implant can be adjusted by Dr. Beran during the procedure.
• You can choose from three projection options: Moderate, Moderate Plus and High Profile.
• Our saline implants are covered by the Mentor Standard or Enhanced Limited Warranty and Lifetime Replacement Policy.

What to expect for your breast augmentation procedure

procBreastLiftPreoperative: You will see Dr. Beran the morning of your Breast Augmentation surgery.  He will sit with you and review your choice of implant size, incision location, and type of implant one last time.  Photos will be taken at that time.  In addition, you will meet our anesthesiologist who will answer your concerns and questions about anesthesia.  After you are certain of your decision, you will sign a surgical consent and be brought into the operating room. Your companion(s) will be escorted to the waiting room or directed to the cafeteria in our building.  You do not need to have someone waiting with you.

Surgery: One of our nurses will drape a warm blanket over your shoulders (operating rooms are always cold) and escort you into the operating room.  Our anesthesiologist will check your IV  and you will go to sleep.  The surgery itself will take between 30 and 45 minutes.  You will be given a long-acting local anesthetic while you are asleep (like Novacaine) that will last about 12 hours.  When the surgery is done, you will awaken with a bra, a strap, or just a simple dressing.

Recovery room:  You will spend some time in the recovery room.  Usually an hour or so.  Your companion will be able to sit with you at this time.  When you have recovered, we will review your discharge instructions and bring you to your car.

The first night:   You should rest at home.  You may be a little sore and will certainly feel a little “out of it” for the first night.  Most patients tell us that the discomfort feels like a work-out soreness.  Dr. Beran will call to check on you.  Our surgery center will call you the day after surgery to check on you as well.  You may remove the gauze over your incision and shower 48 hours after surgery.

First postoperative visit:  Your first visit after surgery will be about 5-6 days after surgery.  Dr. Beran will check your incisions and review your care.  All sutures are dissolvable and no stitches need to be removed. You may be instructed to wear a bra, a superior compression strap, or both.

Second visit   You will return to the office about 2-3 weeks after surgery and Dr. Beran will instruct you on massage to keep your breasts moving within the pockets.  This will help keep the implants soft.  You may resume most normal activities.  You are not allowed to do push-ups or other pectoral work for at least six months.  Dr. Beran will examine the feeling and location of your implants.

Pros and Cons of Combining Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures

The popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery has increased over the last decade, partly due to the various reality shows that chronicle individuals who undergo a procedure, or two. It is becoming quite common for patients to request a combination of procedures in order to achieve their ideal outcome in one surgery setting.

However, it is important for patients to fully understand the pros and cons of undergoing multiple procedures at one time. The most common reasons my patients want to undergo more than one procedure at a time are to save recovery time and to save money on fees associated with surgery. Every time a patient goes in for a procedure, he/she will need some time to recover and many times combination procedures do not have a longer recovery time than one procedure would. In addition, with every surgery there is a charge for anesthesia, surgery center, and other miscellaneous fees. By combining more than one procedure, patients can significantly cut their final cost.

On the other hand, there are some risks involved with a prolonged time in surgery. There are some circumstances in which multiple procedures can result in longer recovery time than a single procedure. The specific safe combination of procedures is based upon the patient’s general health and the procedures involved. For example, a tummy tuck is often combined with a breast lift.

The best way to determine if undergoing multiple procedures is right for you is by scheduling an initial consultation. We can discuss your surgery of choice and desired outcome in further detail.