Breast Lift

Breast Lift ResultsWhat Is Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed by Dr. Samuel Beran in Westchester, NY to restore the shape and contour of breasts that have sagged as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or other factors. A breast lift with or without an implant enables you to look and feel more attractive both while undressed and in clothing, and to feel more confident about your appearance.

The procedure is performed by moving the nipple and areola (the pink skin surrounding the nipple) to a higher position, moving the breast tissue to a higher level, removing excess skin from the lower portion of the breast, and reshaping the remaining breast skin. A variety of incision patterns are possible, depending on the correction needed. In most cases, breast and nipple sensation can be preserved with any breast lift techniques.

NOTE: It is possible to lift your breasts and increase their size in the same procedure, using breast implants (see Breast Augmentation). Contact us if this is something you might be interested in.

Highly Experienced In Breast Lift Surgery

With years of specialized surgical experience, Dr. Samuel Beran has performed hundreds of breast lifts. He understands that this is an important decision for a woman and he knows how much it means to each and every patient to achieve the results she wants. To make sure you are fully informed about your surgery options and understand exactly what results to expect, Dr. Beran will take all the time you need to make sure your questions are answered.

How Much Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost?

Because every woman’s breasts are unique, and the results she is seeking from breast lift surgery are specific to her, the exact cost of surgery is determined by Dr. Beran after he has met with the patient and together, they have decided what type of procedure will bring her the best possible results.

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