Fitness is a Bigger Factor for Surgery than Age

For many years now, the basis for determining whether or not someone is suitable for surgery has been age. However, a recent study published in the medical journal Annals of Surgery in June 2013 found that a patient’s fitness level is a bigger factor for surgery than their age. Although age has historically been the major risk factor in complications and surgical survival, cardiovascular wellness and increased fitness levels of patients of all ages have proven to be the higher standard.

Being physically fit decreases numerous risk factors involved in surgical procedures. Risks on the operating table are decreased if one’s physical fitness is at a desirable level, and patients who struggle with obesity and heart problems are more susceptible to the risks and complications that can occur during surgery. In addition, the length of the hospital stay is usually shorter for patients who are well.

Wellness is so significant for surgery that there are actual fitness programs available for patients who will undergo elective surgeries. The goal of the programs is to reduce recovery time by improving physical fitness levels and increasing muscle strength prior to surgery. With simple changes to one’s lifestyle and diet, not only will the surgeon’s job be easier, but also the risks of infection will be reduced along with a shortened time for full recovery.

When it comes to surgery, remember that “physiological” age is much more important than “chronological” age. It is never too late to become more physically fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

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Plastic Surgery Abroad – Good idea?

It is a fact that cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are not cheap; however, patients should never choose price over quality. There are several countries abroad that are offering plastic surgery procedures for a fraction of the cost of a procedure in the United States. Although the lower fee may sound appealing, it is imperative to take all other factors into account – safety being the most important of these. When it comes to your body and surgery of any kind, there is no price tag.

As I see it, how can you undergo a safe procedure in a country where you cannot drink the tap water or use ice cubes in your beverages? In addition to safety, there is a hefty cost in traveling to another country just to save a few dollars on the procedure. When it’s all said and done, you may end up spending much more on the overseas surgery than you would have at home. Furthermore, if you are visiting a surgeon in a foreign country you will not be able to continue your follow-up appointments with him/her during the following year or so. This may lead to complications and/or unsatisfactory results. If you are set on going abroad for your surgery, be sure to research the surgeon and facility in order to ensure the utmost in safety throughout the entire process – from consultation to final post-surgery appointment.

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