Can I Get A Tummy Tuck Right After Giving Birth?

Childbirth often comes with a great feeling of empowerment and satisfaction for new mothers. Their body has nurtured a child for nine months and has triumphantly overcome the painful process of giving birth. It is quite an accomplishment. However, most women would agree that the positive feelings that come with giving birth are also met with negative feelings about their new post-pregnancy body. Although the baby is now the primary focus, many wonder if something can quickly be done to remove the excess skin and stretch marks that result from pregnancy.

The answer to that question is yes, a tummy tuck (“abdominoplasty”) MAY be undergone immediately following childbirth, but this is not advised. A tummy tuck can remove the excess skin that was stretched, along with some of the fat that accumulated in the midsection. Stretch marks can sometimes be removed in the process, and separated abdominal muscles may be brought back together. However, more satisfying tummy tuck results can be achieved if the mother waits at least six months to go through with the procedure. After childbirth, the uterus is still enlarged, and most women carry some extra weight from the pregnancy. These two factors can inhibit the best possible results from tummy tuck surgery.

If a woman went ahead with the tummy tuck procedure immediately after childbirth, she would almost certainly have some recurrence of loose tissues (skin and abdominal muscles) due to any weight loss and shrinking of the uterus. If this does occur, a revision tummy tuck performed later on may not provide the best results when compared to an abdominoplasty performed after the patient’s body has returned to a more stable state after pregnancy. Most surgeons advise waiting at least six months to a year after childbirth to get the best results with a tummy tuck. It is also best to be finished having children before considering the procedure, as a subsequent pregnancy will negatively affect the abdominoplasty results.

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Pros and Cons of Combining Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures

The popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery has increased over the last decade, partly due to the various reality shows that chronicle individuals who undergo a procedure, or two. It is becoming quite common for patients to request a combination of procedures in order to achieve their ideal outcome in one surgery setting.

However, it is important for patients to fully understand the pros and cons of undergoing multiple procedures at one time. The most common reasons my patients want to undergo more than one procedure at a time are to save recovery time and to save money on fees associated with surgery. Every time a patient goes in for a procedure, he/she will need some time to recover and many times combination procedures do not have a longer recovery time than one procedure would. In addition, with every surgery there is a charge for anesthesia, surgery center, and other miscellaneous fees. By combining more than one procedure, patients can significantly cut their final cost.

On the other hand, there are some risks involved with a prolonged time in surgery. There are some circumstances in which multiple procedures can result in longer recovery time than a single procedure. The specific safe combination of procedures is based upon the patient’s general health and the procedures involved. For example, a tummy tuck is often combined with a breast lift.

The best way to determine if undergoing multiple procedures is right for you is by scheduling an initial consultation. We can discuss your surgery of choice and desired outcome in further detail.