Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Skin TreatmentsWhat Are Laser Skin Treatments

The laser is a state-of-the-art high energy light source used to improve skin texture, reduce sun damage, tighten skin and decrease wrinkles. With this type of laser skin resurfacing, the depth of the treatment is very accurately controlled so that superficial wrinkles are not treated in the same manner as deeper wrinkles.

Laser skin resurfacing may be used to treat your entire face or just certain concentrated areas — for example, it is frequently used in combination with transconjunctival eyelid surgery to smooth and tighten lower eyelid skin.

Highly Experienced In Laser Skin Treatments

One of the leading plastic surgeons in Westchester, Dr. Samuel Beran has extensive experience in laser skin resurfacing. Depending on your skin’s particular condition and the results you want to achieve, he can perform a light or deeper resurfacing treatment for the smooth, youthful, beautiful skin you desire.

If laser skin treatment is something you are interested in, Dr. Beran will explain your many options and make sure you understand exactly what results to expect. He will take all the time you need and make sure your questions are answered.

Fraxel® Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Beran consistently has outstanding results with Fraxel resurfacing treatments which effectively target both the surface and deeper layers of the skin to give you a smoother, fresher, younger-looking appearance.

Using patented fractional laser technology to target aging and sun damaged skin, the Fraxel treatment has the unique advantage of two treatment modes: one penetrates deep into the skin layers, specifically treating concerns such as wrinkles or acne scarring, and the other improves skin tone, texture and other more surface-oriented signs of aging. The treatments are individually tailored to your desired outcome and can be combined for the benefit of both a superficial and deep laser treatment. As well as for the face, Fraxel is an excellent treatment for the neck, chest, arms, legs and back.

Vbeam® Perfecta

Dr. Beran also sees excellent results with Vbeam Perfecta, a skin treatment which safely and effectively removes discolorations including rosacea, sun spots, age spots, freckles and other vascular and pigmentation abnormalities such as poikiloderma, port wine stains, facial veins and leg veins. Vbeam Perfecta also is proven to treat scars, stretch marks, warts and psoriasis. Using Pulsed Dye Laser technology, the Vbeam delivers an intense but gentle burst of light into targeted areas of the skin where it is absorbed by the blood vessels or melanin pigmented areas, safely treating the condition.

What Does Laser Skin Treatment Cost?

Because the texture and appearance of every woman’s facial skin is unique and the results she is seeking from a laser skin treatment are particular to her, the exact cost of this skin treatment is determined by Dr. Beran after he has met with the patient and together, they have decided what type of procedure will bring her the best possible results.

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