Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery - NYC & Westchester Plastic SurgeryWhat Is Eyelid Surgery

If you have droopy, wrinkled or sagging eyelids, eyelid surgery could greatly improve the look of your face, changing the way the world sees you and the way you see yourself.

Aesthetic eyelid surgery can brighten your face and eyes, eliminate that “tired” look and give you back a more youthful appearance by reducing the fat that causes bags underneath your eyes and removing wrinkled, drooping layers of skin on your eyelids.

Upper Eyelid And Droopy Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery may be performed along with a facelift, nose reshaping surgery or a number of other facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Samuel Beran, one of Westchester’s leading cosmetic surgeons, makes surgical incisions that follow the natural contour lines in both your upper and lower eyelids so that he can access the skin and fatty tissue underneath. These thin surgical scars are almost invisible and blend into the natural lines and folds of your eyelids.

For the lower eyelids, some patients may be good candidates for an advanced technique called transconjunctival blepharoplasty, which is performed by making an incision from inside the lower eyelid. This technique avoids any scar on the lower lid and can often be combined with laser resurfacing to smooth and tighten the lower eyelid skin.

Highly Experienced In Eyelid Surgery

One of the New York area’s best plastic surgeons, Dr. Samuel Beran has performed hundreds of eyelid surgeries with outstanding results. He understands how important it is for a woman to have smooth, young-looking skin, especially around her eyes, and to feel confident about her face and herself. If eyelid surgery is something you are interested in, Dr. Beran will explain the different procedures and make sure you understand exactly what results to expect. He will take all the time you need and make sure your questions are answered.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Because the texture and appearance of every woman’s facial and eyelid skin is unique and the results she is seeking from eyelid surgery are specific to her, the exact cost of this facial rejuvenation treatment is determined by Dr. Beran after he has met with the patient and together, they have decided what type of procedure will achieve the best possible results.

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