Pure, Natural, BeautyWhat Is Botox®

Would you like to reduce the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth? Are you tired of forehead creases that make you look angry or tired? Botox is a proven, effective way to have the unwrinkled, young-looking face you desire.

For years, Botox injections have been among the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures because of the unique effectiveness and safety of Botox in treating certain types of facial wrinkles. Botox can improve the look of moderate to severe crow’s feet lines around the eyes, frown lines around the mouth, and vertical forehead creases that develop between the eyes which make a person look sad or angry. In addition, Botox injected into the lower face and neck muscle (platysma) may provide temporary improvement of some of the visible signs of aging in these areas.

How it works: Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, meaning that the injected muscle cannot contract. This “muscle blocking” is what makes your wrinkles relax and soften.

How Is a Botox Procedure Done?

Receiving a Botox injection takes only a few minutes and does not require anesthesia. Botox, a liquid, is injected with a fine needle into specific facial muscles with only minor discomfort. The treatment generally takes 3-7 days to take full effect.

How Long Does Botox Last?

The effects from Botox will last 3-4 months. As muscle action gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to reappear and need to be treated again. However, these lines and wrinkles often appear less severe with time because those muscles are being trained to relax.

Highly Experienced In Botox Procedures

One of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Westchester, Dr. Samuel Beran has performed thousands of Botox treatments with outstanding results. Dr. Beran understands how important it is for a woman to have smooth, young-looking skin and to feel confident about her face and  herself. If Botox is something you are interested in, Dr. Beran will explain the procedure and make sure you understand exactly what results to expect. He will take all the time you need and make sure your questions are answered.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

Because the texture and appearance of every woman’s facial skin is unique and the results she is seeking from Botox are specific to her, the exact cost of this facial rejuvenation treatment is determined by Dr. Beran after he has met with the patient and together, they have decided what type of procedure will achieve the best possible results.

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