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Nose Job Westchester NYWhat Is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Your nose plays such a big part in how you feel about yourself and how the world sees you. If you would like a larger, smaller or more shapely nose, now is the time to realize that dream and have the nose you’ve always wanted.

Rhinoplasty (plastic surgery performed on the nose) is usually performed to alter the size and shape of the bridge and tip of the nose. Some patients also want to narrow the base of their nose or reduce the size of their nostrils. Dr. Samuel Beran, one of Westchester’s leading cosmetic surgeons, specializes in creating a natural-looking nose, resulting in hundreds of satisfied “nose job” patients.

This procedure is generally done through surgical incisions inside the nose. A modified technique called “open” rhinoplasty can sometimes benefit patients who need more complex correction or who are undergoing a secondary procedure. In these cases, a small incision is made outside the nose across the columella (the tissue that divides the two nostrils). This enables Dr. Beran to turn the outer tissue of the nose back, allowing him to see the structures inside. Additional incisions, similar to those used in the traditional “closed” approach, are then made inside the nose. The small scar resulting from the incision on the outside of the nose eventually becomes almost invisible.

Highly Experienced In Nose Jobs

One of the New York area’s best plastic surgeons, Dr. Samuel Beran is an expert at performing nose jobs with outstanding results. He understands how important it is for a woman to have a nose she loves and to feel confident about her face and herself. If a nose job is something you are interested in, Dr. Beran will explain the procedure options and make sure you understand exactly what results to expect. He will take all the time you need, and make sure your questions are answered. In addition, computer imaging may be used in your preoperative consultation so that you can “try on” different nose shapes and reach a better decision about how you would like your new nose to look.

How Much Does A Rhinoplasty Cost?

Because every woman’s nose is unique and the results she is seeking from a rhinoplasty are specific to her, the exact cost of the surgery is determined by Dr. Beran after he has met with the patient and together, they have decided what type of procedure will achieve the best possible results.

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